Microsoft 365 Defense Hardening

Microsoft 365 Defense Hardening

Microsoft 365 is one of the most targeted platforms for cybercriminals due to its popularity.

HIPAA, Department of Labor, and Insurance Carrier Cybersecurity Compliance

Microsoft 365 is a HIPAA compliant platform, but you must take a proactive approach to strengthening your Microsoft 365 defenses against cyberattacks, phishing, and malicious activity in order to meet Department of Labor cybersecurity guidelines and requirements specified by insurance carriers. Our Microsoft 365 Defense Hardening Service helps protect your organization from potential breaches and human error.

Ransomware and email breaches are an epidemic for small to midsize organizations. Without proper technical controls to stop cyberattacks, your organization is at risk.

LaSalle Consulting Partners Microsoft 365 Defense Hardening Service (M365 DHS) helps reduce your risk of a cybercriminal accessing your Microsoft 365 account.

Why Utilize M365 DHS?

Microsoft 365 has numerous security features that are not enabled by default and must be configured to meet the unique needs of an organization.

Our Microsoft 365 Defense Hardening Service achieves the following:

  • Reinforces your Microsoft 365 environment against common attacks like phishing and credential theft
  • Reduces the risk of user error/accidental data leak
  • Reduces attack surface and potential breach impact
  • Detects signs of compromise using Microsoft Threat Intelligence tools and audit logs

Our Microsoft 365 Defense Hardening Service includes the following

Included In M365 DHS

  • Identify risk level baseline using Microsoft 365 Secure Score tools
  • Implement Microsoft recommended features and processes to safeguard your environment
  • Review current configuration settings and shrink your attack surface by eliminating unnecessary permissions and removing excessive sharing rules
  • Perform a Microsoft 365 Secure Score post-review and determine if security gap has been reduced to an acceptable level
  • Notify you of new security features that Microsoft releases as they become available

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