Our Business Partners

Our world class business partners enhance our in-house talents.

We and our partners help you get the most benefit
from your technology investments.

We work closely with specifically selected world-class hardware and software vendors. Our relationships with these vendors help us provide our clients with innovative solutions that best fit their needs.

We and our clients benefit from our business relationships with the solution providers listed on this page. Our support team is solutions focused and has a passion for finding the optimal solution to your problem. Together with our business partners, we work to deliver the right solution and the right team to address complex, critical, client business challenges.

To address the growing need for HIPPA security compliance and to better serve our clients, we have partnered with HIPAA Secure Now (HSN). HSN goes beyond technical safeguards and provides a complete compliance service which includes the Security Risk Assessment, custom written policies and procedures, training for employees, and many more features via an on-line portal. HSN compliments and builds upon LaSalle Consulting Partners’ existing HIPAA expertise to provide a comprehensive service, which enables organizations with HIPPA compliance mandates to assess current compliance, address identified risk, and maintain ongoing compliance.

LaSalle Consulting Partners is a Silver Level Partner with HP Inc. HP is a leading multinational information technology company headquartered in California. This relationship provides LCP with access to technical resources and training not available to other firms. We utilize these resources to provide our clients with the best service possible related to HP products. Our HP expertise also authorizes us to sell HP products.

LaSalle Consulting Partners, Inc. is a Dell Technologies Authorized Partner. Through the Dell Technologies Partner Program, LaSalle Consulting Partners, Inc. clients receive comprehensive customer service related to Dell products and solutions, including servers, storage, virtualization, computing flexibility, and energy efficiency.

Additional benefits of being a Dell Partner include increased technical resources and support, faster ordering and shipment, and discounted pricing.

SonicWall Secure First Partner Program

LaSalle Consulting Partners, Inc. is a SonicWall Secure First Partner. SonicWall designs, develops, and manufactures comprehensive network security, secure remote access, web and e-mail security solutions. SonicWall has been fighting the cyber-criminal industry for over 25 years. SonicWall’s comprehensive solutions enable organizations to secure deep protection without compromising network performance.

LaSalle Consulting Partners has attained the status of QuickBooks Silver Level ProAdvisor with Intuit. As a ProAdvisor we help businesses configure and utilize QuickBooks for their unique needs and help them get the most out of the software. We are also a great trouble-shooting resource if you run into a problem with QuickBooks.

As an Adobe authorized reseller, we are focused on reselling and supporting Adobe digital media products and solutions.

LaSalle Consulting Partners, Inc. is a member of Microsoft’s partner network. We have been awarded several silver level competencies which reflect our in-depth knowledge, experience and competency within the Microsoft product line. This membership provides us early insights into Microsoft product development and strategies. These insights help us provide our clients with recommendations that allow for an efficient transition to future technologies. Our relationship with Microsoft also allows us to build and maintain our technical expertise through an abundance of Microsoft provided training resources.

Each year since 2014 LaSalle Consulting Partners has been selected to join Microsoft’s Elite Small Business Champions Club. As a member of the SMB Champions Club, LCP benefits from access to technical resources and training not available to other firms. We utilize these resources to provide the best service possible. We specialize in helping small to medium sized organizations tackle their business challenges with the best use of IT. We can assist with your unique needs and help you make smart technology decisions for your organization.

Comcast Solutions Provider

Based on our expertise with telecommunications, and our track record of providing digital transformation to our clients, Comcast has designated our firm a Comcast Business Solutions Provider. This business collaboration allows LaSalle Consulting Partners to gain better insights into Comcasts products and provides us with the knowledge to provide the best digital transformation solutions to our clients.

LaSalle Consulting Partners, Inc. is a member Zoom’s Business Partner Prograam. The decission was based on LaSalle Consulting Partners business model and our proven experience in engaging clients to deliver Zoom video conferencing solutions.

Zoom Business Partners are limited to organizations with experience in SaaS/Cloud and Unified Communications services. As a Busines Partners, we add one of the fastest growing cloud solutions to our portfolio.

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