Managed Server and Workstation Backup and Recovery

Managed Server and Workstation Backup and Recovery

We ensure that your crucial data is protected, and recovery is fast and stress free.

Managed Online Server and Workstation Backup and Recovery

Cloud-based backup means that your crucial data is protected, and recovery is fast and stress-free.

Our data protection solution provides streamlined, cloud-first backup, disaster recovery, and archiving for physical servers, virtual servers, and workstations.

Features include:

End-to-end Security

  • Data is stored at secure, remote ISO-certified data centers (in the United States).
  • AES-256-bit encryption protects backup files in transit and at rest.
  • Create your own private encryption key.
  • Role-level access lets you grant limited access to backups as needed, secured with mandatory two-factor authentication

Efficient and Easy to Use

  • The LaSalle Consulting Partners team reviews daily backup reports and acts on failed backup reports to get backup running properly again.
  • Our backup solution was built for the cloud.
  • Low bandwidth usage means faster backup of your data.
  • Custom backup schedules can be enabled on individual servers and workstations.
  • Monthly backup archives can be retained.
  • Reports provide a clear overview of the latest backups.
  • Restoring data can be tested at scheduled intervals.
  • No hardware hassles as it runs on your current equipment.
  • Meets the compliance requirements of various regulatory bodies.

Protect All Your Data Sources

  • Physical Servers
  • Virtual Servers
  • Workstations
  • Apple Mac Devices
  • Microsoft 365 Data – Email, SharePoint, OneDrive and Teams

Flexible Disaster Recovery Options

  • Get multiple recovery options
  • Leverage fast file- and folder-level recovery and
  • full system recovery with bare-metal restore or
  • virtual disaster recovery.
  • Create and manage standby images
  • Recover at network speed via the optional Local Speed Vault feature, if needed.

Data Recovery Testing

Actively testing backups allows you to confirm that necessary data is available for recovery when needed.

  • Performs automated bi-weekly test recoveries of your devices.
  • Verifies that full successful restores can be performed when needed.
  • Provides you with the time it takes for device recovery.
  • Preserves records of test recoveries for future reference.

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