Proactive Monitoring and Asset Tracking

Proactive Monitoring and Asset Tracking

A solution which monitors, maintains, and supports your devices.

Healthy IT systems help organizations operate efficiently and securely. Downtime, slow system performance, and irritating IT issues can be a major hindrance and pose a security threat. Today’s networks can be quite complex. Keeping your servers and workstations secure and functioning efficiently requires time and expertise. In some cases, you know what needs to be done but do not have the time or resources to get it accomplished. In other cases, you could use an expert opinion for guidance.

Insurance company cybersecurity protection policies typically require organizations to have policies and procedures in place to prevent, detect, contain, and correct security violations. They also require organizations to implement procedures to regularly review records of information security system activity, such as audit logs, access reports and security incident tracking reports.

Remote Monitoring and Maintenance

We can remotely monitor your servers and workstations 24 X 7. Our monitoring can be tailored to your needs but always includes: system health management, monitoring of various services and hardware functions, and on-going performance tuning.

This helps reduce costs, minimize downtime, and maximize efficiency. Alerts are sent to our support staff when an issue such as failed logins, low disk space, or performance issues are detected.

Patch Management

Patch Management allows for efficient download and application of necessary patches, as well as remote monitoring of which patches are downloaded and applied on servers and workstations.

The service includes automatic download and application of Microsoft patches, and patches of many other third-party vendors such as Adobe and Java. Alerts are created when the automatic application of a patch fails, requiring manual resolution.

Patch-related reports can be produced as needed based on your IT environment.

Asset Management

Inaccurate inventory, wasted resources, compliance issues, and service delays are risks for organizations that have inaccurate or non-existent IT asset records.

To mitigate these risks, organizations need to know the IT assets they have, where they are, who uses them, what software is installed on them, how they are configured, and the time left in their lifecycle. As part of our monitoring service, we automatically track and keep an up-to-date inventory listing of server and workstation hardware (not monitors or printers), configuration settings (memory, disks, etc.) and installed software.

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