Baseline Employee Cybersecurity Assessment

Baseline Employee Cybersecurity Assessment

Take your first step to cybersecurity strength.

Understand the human security risks in your Employee Benefit Plan.

No-Cost Assessment Tool

How confident are you in your employee’s Phishing Awareness, Password Hygiene, Handling PII, Social Media Security, Working Remotely, and General Cybersecurity Knowledge?

Let’s start with an understanding of where to focus your resources in order to achieve cybersecurity success and meet your organizations security compliance requirements.  We can help you assess, educate, and protect.

Take our Baseline Employee Cybersecurity Assessment to see the level of your employees’ cybersecurity knowledge. The results will help determine how that knowledge can be improved to better secure your organization and help meet Department of Labor and HIPAA compliance guidelines.

The Baseline Employee Cybersecurity Assessment is comprised of a series of questions across six different cybersecurity categories.

Employees access the assessment via a URL, where they answer 60 questions to gauge their current cybersecurity awareness. The assessment is designed to identify baseline employee cybersecurity awareness so Employee Benefit Plans can see where they need to improve, and who could potentially cause their next security incident. Upon completion, each employee is assigned a score that represents their risk level to their company’s cybersecurity. This allows Employee Benefit Plans understand where their staff excel and where they could use some in-depth training to help protect their organization.

Watch the above video to see how the Baseline Employee Cybersecurity Assessment tool can help your organization.

We will produce a report and share with you your overall organization and individual employee assessment results and explain to you what those results mean.

For more information, or if you would like to schedule a no-cost assessment of your employees, complete the contact form and mention “Baseline Employee Assessment” in the Question or Comment area. We will get back to you within one business day.

The above offer is only available to U.S. based Multi-employer and Municipal Employee Benefit Plans.

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