Firewall Management

Firewall Management

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Today’s threats are radically more sophisticated than in the past. A firewall solution needs to mitigate risk and ensure business continuity while offering security alignment with an organization’s security policies. It must also be cost effective.

Our Firewall Solutions Provide the Following Security Features

Application Control

Firewall Application Control, also known as Application Layer Filtering or Application Layer Gateway, is a network security feature or technology that goes beyond traditional firewall functions to provide granular control over the applications and services that can be used on a network. It allows administrators to manage and regulate specific applications, services, or protocols, rather than just focusing on ports or IP addresses.

Deep Packet Inspection

Deep packet inspection involves examining the contents of network packets, including the data payload, to detect and prevent threats. This goes beyond traditional firewall capabilities.

Anti-Virus/Malware Protection

Firewall anti-virus/malware protection, often referred to as “antivirus scanning” or “malware scanning,” is a feature of some advanced firewalls and security appliances that adds an additional layer of security to a network by scanning and filtering traffic for known viruses, malware, and other malicious content as it enters or passes through the network.

Content Filtering

Firewall content filtering is a network security feature that allows organizations to control and monitor the content that is accessed or transmitted over the Internet. It is used to block or restrict access to specific websites, web content, applications, or services based on predefined policies.

DNS Security

DNS filtering protection is a network security measure that involves the monitoring and filtering of DNS (Domain Name System) requests to enhance security, enforce content policies, and protect against various online threats. DNS filtering can be used to block access to known malicious websites, phishing sites, and other threats, helping to protect the network from malware and security risks.

Management and Support

Firewall management and support are critical components of maintaining a secure and well-functioning network. Managing and supporting firewalls involves numerous tasks and responsibilities to ensure that your firewall effectively protects the network while allowing legitimate traffic to flow smoothly. LaSalle Consulting Partners can assist with these complex tasks including initial firewall configuration, performance tuning, backup of the firewall configuration files, and applying regular firmware updates and security patches.

LaSalle Consulting Partner provides firewall solutions that increase security, improve performance, and also lower total cost of ownership.

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