Phishing Campaigns

Phishing Campaigns

Educate Your Employees to Identify a Phishing Attack.

Phishing Simulation and Testing

Phishing is a scam that impersonates a reputable person or organization with the intent to steal credentials or sensitive information. Regular reports of data breaches and cyberattacks reinforce the urgency for organizations and individuals to be proactive against evolving threats. The latest report from IBM sheds light on the current landscape of data breaches, highlighting trends, causes, and potential safeguards.

Test, Train and Fortify

It’s important for every person in your organization to be able to identify a phishing attack. Routine simulated phishing has been proven to minimize the risk of end-users falling victim to a malicious phishing attempt. By conducting phishing tests, organizations can identify vulnerabilities in their security awareness and training programs. This insight allows for targeted improvements and helps prevent real phishing attacks. Rather than waiting for a cyberattack to occur, phishing testing takes a proactive approach. It allows organizations to identify weaknesses in their defenses before cybercriminals can exploit them.

Our breach prevention platform provides unlimited, automated phishing campaigns using a variety of templates to choose from.

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